Month: January 2014

Here’s Why No One Shares Your Church’s Content

Do you feel like are putting your content into a black hole, not knowing if anyone is seeing it? It can feel that way if no one responds to your efforts and all you hear is the sound of crickets chirping. Don’t worry though, you aren’t the only one who has felt this way when trying to create great content for your church.

There’s no magic formula to get your congregation to share your church’s social media content with others. However, there are some missteps you can avoid to make sure that you give your audience the right content, at the right time and help them share it in the right direction.

You’re Not Providing a Clear Call to Action

Make sure you provide a clear call to action with your content. Don’t be afraid to ask for retweets (Please RT) or share or like (if you are on Facebook) when it comes to your content. If you use these requests sparingly and appropriately people will respond and give your content the lift that it needs. Sometimes people just a nudge in the right direction for how you want them to interact with your content.

You’re Not Posting When Your Audience is Online

Are you posting your Facebook content in the middle of the day? That’ll likely not get your content much attention given the fact the majority of  Facebook users are at their respective jobs. Instead, try posting your content early in the morning (7am-9am) or late at night (between 7pm-9pm) as that is when most people are using their mobile devices and most likely checking their social networks.

You’re Not Keeping Your Ear to the Ground

Are you aware of what your congregation is talking about or are you just putting content out there that’s important to you? Take some time to peruse through congregation’s Facebook and Twitter updates to see what is going on in your community and church. You might have missed some discussions that could use your church’s perspective. If you don’t listen to your congregation, then you won’t be delivering content that’s relevant to them.

You’ve spent a lot of time working on you content and you need to make sure it’s getting the audience it deserves.  Don’t waste your content or your time by not properly thinking through when or where you’re going to post.  Of course, you’re using a social media content calendar, right?.

Question: What steps do you take to make sure you audience shares your church’s content? Click here to share below.

What the NFL Can Teach Your Church About Instagram

I’ve written before about churches who use Instagram and how you can utilize some of their techniques for your church. However, if there is one organization that has caught my eye for their creative use of Instagram, it’s the NFL.

If you haven’t looked at the NFL Instagram account, you should take some time to do so. Not only do they capture the emotion and experience of the NFL, they also create anticipation. Here are some of the ways they make that happen.

Faces, Faces, Faces

If there is one rule to making your Instagram account stand out, it’s making sure that peoples faces are prominent in each photo. The NFL understands this and makes sure that they put their fans on display for everyone to enjoy.

Have Fun

The “This is Fantasy” series is fun idea of photoshopping famous players together who never actually played together. I love the playfulness of this campaign.


Yes, even the NFL understands you need to have some fun with Instagram.


Below is a samples from their preseason campaign for the 2013 season. I love the way they build anticipation for the season and then unveil a new player each day, counting down to the season launch.

photo credit: Jeff Croft via photopincc


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