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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Compare Your Church’s Social Media

My church is bigger than your church. Wait…nobody says that. Right? Okay so maybe people don’t say that, but at a certain point we’ve all thought it. We’ve all compared ourselves to the church down the road. We compare ourselves in terms of church giving, attendance and building size. We even do that with social media.

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Compare Your Church’s Social Media
Of course social media is that easiest of all to compare. Every single one of our social media network profiles display the number of followers, likes and friends. It’s like social media is begging us to compare each other.

Your Church’s Content Only Has 48 Hours to Live

A few months ago I started to notice to something weird about our church’s social media. It seemed that on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday our social media was getting plenty of interaction. However, when Wednesday came around our content would start to take a dip and that dip would continue into Saturday.

Your Church's Content Only Has 48 Hours to Live
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Of course we started questioning our strategy and asking if we weren’t pushing the right content. There was nothing odd there. Was it the time we were posting? No, we were posting at consistent times throughout the week. It seemed that there wasn’t any irregularities with our methods.


Online Resources for Churches: 11/7/14

Online Resources for Churches
Should you repeat your tweets? Facts and figures from 1M tweets
Wisemetrics tackles the question about whether or not you should repeat your tweets. I’ve always thought it wasn’t a good practice. However, their research and results might surprise you.

How to Get Your First 100 #Twitter Followers
Mediabistro has a great infographic breaking down how to get your first 100 Twitter followers. This is great for any first time Twitter user or anyone struggling to figure out how to catch on.

When Is It Time to Delete a Social Media Account?

I don’t like to delete a social media account and I really wanted Google+ to work. I loved the visual layout, the icons and its integration with rest of Google’s products, but it just wasn’t working for us. We tried posting YouTube clips, images and links, but nothing seemed to work. It was time for us to abandon Google+.   This isn’t the first time I thought about deleting a social media account, but the evidence was mounting to that we needed to go in a different direction.

Deleting a social media account for you or your church can be a big deal. If you’ve spent time crafting content and doing research leaving a social network can make you feel like you’ve been wasting your time.

Delete Social Media Account
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Hopefully before you pull the trigger you’ve done some thinking about what it would mean to your audience. You also should ask yourself if you’re suffering from burnout and what you really need is a digital sabbath. Either way, pulling the plug on a social media account needs to be thought through.


What’s Working for Our Church on Instagram

I love having our church on Instagram. Which in some ways is kind of surprising since I considered it to be fad when I first saw it. I failed to see how it’s ease of use and photo filters would catch on and turn it into a social media juggernaut.  It’s become hard to see why any church would not have Instagram as a part of their social media strategy.

For our church, Instagram has had the most rapid growth of all of our social networks. Despite’s it’s limitations in third party apps (i.e. you can’t post from Hootesuite) or the inability to have images link to your website, week after week it’s growing faster than our Facebook and Twitter.

church on instagram


While we’re not perfect on Instagram, we have had some successes that I want to share with you and your church.  Below you’ll what works for us, what doesn’t work for us and we what we need to do more of.  Hopefully you can learn from our successes and failures and apply them to your church’s Instagram account.



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