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Episode 1: How to Help Your Church Leadership Change Strategy

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Ask Darrel podcast. In this first episode, we talk about to help your church leadership change strategy.

How to Help Your Church Leadership Change Strategy

Today’s question comes from Dave Shrein:

If my leadership thinks they have a communication strategy and they don’t think we have problems, but I’ve been reading your stuff and reading other educated content, how do I convince them that we do have a problem while respecting them?

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This is a great question and one that I’ve had to deal with myself. In this episode, I cover four steps to guiding your church leadership through change:

  1. Painting a reality with objective information
  2. Creating a vision for what the future strategy could be
  3. Defining small steps to create the change
  4. Finding ways to make the small changes become habits

Additional Resources

In this episode, I also recommend you check out Dan and Chip Heath’s book Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is HardIt gives some really good guidance how to make change happen in any organization.

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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Image with Canva

Social media images can be a pain. Dimensions change. You’re not sure if the photo you’re using is copyrighted. Or even worse, you used Comic Sans on your image.  Creating social media images can be a frustrating process.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Image with Canva

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a very simple tool that will ensure that you create the perfect images for your social media. That tool is Canva. Canva is web-based tool that lets you create images in your web browser with a variety of free images and fonts. It also has all the correct dimensions for social media channels as well (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). It’s how I create most the images on this blog. (more…)

Join Me at the Simply Communicate Conference

Conferences and I have a love-hate relationship. I love meeting new people, exchanging ideas and dreaming with the people I travel with. At the same time, I’m not big fan of crowded airports, conference center food or being away from my family. But, more conferences today are moving online and I love it. Why? It means I still get to learn and dream without all the travel.


Today, I want to talk to you about a conference that fits this bill. The Simply Communicate conference is an online marketing and communications conference helping churches engage and reach more people with better communications. Why would I recommend this conference? Well, I’m speaking so it’s going to be good (just kidding, please note the sarcasm). No really, the speaker’s list is loaded with communicators who I know can help your church and the content will be great.   Interested?  Here’s what you need to know… (more…)

How to Market Your Church’s Content

[guestpost]Note from Darrel: This article is a guest post by Daniel Stephens. Daniel and I connected over email and I’ll soon be writing a post for his site as well. Daniel is a counselor, husband, father and a gifted writer. While we have two very different writing styles, I know you’ll enjoy this post on content marketing and how it can work for your church.[/guestpost]

In a business context, I describe the Marketing facet of Content Marketing as a combination of two disciplines and two audiences. The two disciplines are education and journalism, and the two audiences are consumers and professionals. Those two pairs combine for four basic functions: Consumer Education, Consumer Journalism, Professional Education, and Trade Journalism. That might sound overwhelming, but you will rarely be doing all four functions at once.

Reasons Churches Need Content Marketing, The weekly sermon recording is due the same type of stewardship as the weekly offering, @DanielTStephens

The Content facet of Content Marketing is acknowledging two realities: content (text, audio, visual, print, or digital) is created as a natural result of the four functions above, and repetition with variety is the mother of learning. After acknowledging those two realities, the fifth function is content repurposing and repackaging. You have content assets, now the goal is to deliver them in as many different formats as possible, and distribute them through as many different channels as possible. (more…)

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Us for Better and Worse

I like science fiction movies. From Star Trek to Minority Report, science fiction movies are a fun way to look into the future and see what might be.  However, after reading an astute observation on Twitter, I think there’s a flaw in science fiction movies that affects the way we see ourselves and technology.

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Us for Better and Worse

The tweet I’m referring to is from Professor Noah Smith:

That’s the issue technology and more importantly social media, isn’t it? We’re given the promise of more efficiency, better connectedness, or sometimes greater success. However, if we looked across our pews, I think we could agree that while some of these promises have come true, we’ve acquired a new set of issues. (more…)


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