Month: September 2015

15 Things That Millennials Need to Know About Social Media

It’s hard to realize, but most millennials probably can’t remember a world without social media. In just a short time, social media has become one of the most popular means of connecting today, if not the main way of connecting. There are however, a few things millennials should consider they press send on their latest social media update.

15 Things Millennials Need-to Know about Social Media

I don’t mean to pick on millennials, but I work with some of the brightest young adults that I’ve ever met and I want help them succeed. My fear for them is by growing up with social media, they often don’t see the effects of their actions on social media.

In order to help these young adults out, I’ve compiled a list of fifteen things that millennials need to know about social media. Again, my intent is not to point fingers, but rather help them understand what effect social media can really have on their lives. (Authors note: this post was inspired by 20 Things Every Christian in Their Twenties Should Know by David Qaoud.) (more…)

Social Media Weekly Brief for 9/25/15

It’s the weekend! I hope you’ve got plans to enjoy this awesome fall weather. To get your weekend started right, here’s your weekly social media brief. This week, we have stories about Intagram’s user numbers, Facebook’s data restrictions, and 360 video. Also, next Monday on the Ask Darrel Podcast we’ll talk who you should follow back on social media.

Social Media Weekly Brief for 9/25/15

Pinterest hits 100 million users
What this means for your churchIt’s easy to get caught up in user numbers. However it seems that companies like Pinterest and LinkedIn are more comfortable with slow manageable growth. This usually means that you can expect not to be surprised with new feature sets that radically change how users use the platform. Instead you’ll small incremental changes that benefit the user. This makes platforms like Pinterest very attractive to churches looking to invest their time in a stable platform.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Church

I think we can agree that social media has helped a lot of churches when it comes to growing their online presence. Even in the secular market, social media platforms have helped startup companies go from very small to very big, all in a matter of seconds. For the most part, this is a good thing; however, there is a downside to all of this.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Church

Social media could actually be hurting your church, and you might not know it.

Let’s take a closer look.

Social Media Weekly Brief for 9/18/15

We’re back! After a week off it’s time to get back to business with this week’s social media brief. This week, we have stories about Facebook’s new “dislike” button, Apple’s ad-blocking, and Twitter payments. Also, next Monday on the Ask Darrel Podcast we’ll talk about how to build an online community for your church.

Social Media Weekly Brief for 9_18_15

Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button won’t be hatemaggedon
What this means for your church: It looks like Facebook will introducing another empathy feature to put along side the “like” button. This makes sense since no wants to “like” a tragedy, but they want to show some sort of empathy. The issue could come in for churches when people show some sort of dislike of content. Currently, the only way to do that is to comment on the content. I think people could be more flippant with dislikes, which could affect how Facebook ranks your church’s content.

7 Days to a Better Social Media Presence

I like taking on challenges. I’m sometimes a little too ambitious and find myself in a bit of pinch every once in a while. However, challenges also keep me sharp and force me to stretch myself and those around me.

7 Days to Better a Social Media Presence

This week I want to challenge you for the next seven days to try the following schedule below for your church’s social media. The goal is of these next seven days is to help you clean up your social media presence, stretch your thinking and build your skill set.

Now you don’t have to follow this seven day schedule in the exact order listed, but I suggest you do. I also suggest that you keep a journal or a note in Evernote to catalog your thoughts as go through the following schedule. (more…)


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