Month: November 2015

Social Media Weekly Brief for 11/27/15

Happy Thanksgiving! Since a lot of us are enjoying time with our families, I’ll keep this week’s Social Media Weekly Brief short and to the point. This week we have stories about new Facebook Messenger features, Instagram poetry and new call to action buttons.

Social Media Weekly Brief for 11_27_15

How do I love thee? Let me Instagram it
What this means for your church: It’s good to see people using social media for more than just selfies and cat gifs. For me, I wonder if most Christians can move beyond posting scripture or quotes from Charles Spurgeon.

7 Rules When Hiring for Your Communications Team

Hiring for your communications team can be a fun process. Especially when you have a lot of interest in the job you are hiring out for. To me, the diversity of the applicants reminds me how much fun this work can be, and how difficult it is to find the right person.

7 Rules When Hiring for Your Communications Team

Here are some things that I look for when hiring, granted this may be an odd list, but let’s face it, communications teams can an odd bunch. (more…)

Episode 34: How Do I Say to No to a Communications Request?

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Ask Darrel podcast. In this episode, we talk about how to say no to ministries in your church so you can maintain your sanity.

How Do I Say to No to a Communications Request

No! The word “no” is a powerful word. It can get help clarify goals, relationships and make sure that you don’t end up with too much on your plate. Of course, “no” is nice in theory, but what about when you have to say “no” a ministry in your church?


Social Media Weekly Brief for 11/20/15

Are you ready for the weekend? For most of us on church staff, we’re in a mad dash to finish getting everything ready for Christmas. If you need some help with your church communications for this Christmas, head over to our brand new Facebook Group and join in on the conversation.

Also, we have small programming note. This is the last week that I will be sending out this blog via email on a daily basis. Instead, I’ll be switching to a weekly digest that’s much easier on your inbox. Plus I’ll share some behind the scenes info that you don’t get on this blog. If you’re already subscribed to this blog, don’t worry you won’t need to change anything. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to subscribe.

This week on the Social Medal Weekly Brief, we have stories about fake Instagram accounts, a Twitter campaign, and the Facebook donate button.

Social Media Weekly Brief for 11_20_15

On Fake Instagram, a Chance to Be Real
What this means for your church: Interesting development. Basically, people are getting so tired of always being “on” with their Instagram account that they want another account where they can just be themselves. So how many people in your church are putting on fake face when it comes to Instagram? Are they getting tired?

An Exclusive Invite to Join the Church Communications Facebook Group

I think one the hardest parts about running communications for a church is that a lot us have to do it on our own or at least we feel alone. This is where a community comes in. Community can help you find new ideas and resources to help you and your church grow.

An Exclusive Invite to Join the Church Communications Facebook Group

So how do you find community? That’s something I’m constantly asking myself. Well have no fear, because the amazing Katie Allred and I have created the Church Communications Facebook Group and today is your day to join.

We’ve already have over 400 people join this community in the first four days! We have people from all over the country sharing ideas, discussing topics like communication tools, social media, and how you actually get the work done.

Are you ready to join? Click here to begin interacting with some of best minds in Church Communications.


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