Month: September 2016

5 Things to Do During the First Month as a Church Social Media Manager

Your first month of managing your church’s social media can be a stressful one. You want to have immediate wins and show your church the importance of social media. Yet, it can all seem overwhelming.

So where do you start? Do you start publishing content? Do you set a Hootsuite account? The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you should during your first month. I know because I was in that same position a few years ago.

I had to determine when to start publishing content and what channels to focus on. I figured it out, but only after I made few mistakes.

If you’re just starting out, here five key things you need to focus on during your first month. Doing these key things will set you up for up for success in the months ahead. (more…)

What Happens When You Personalize Your Social Media (A Case Study)

There are a lot of easy social media creation tools. I’m impressed by the number of pre-packaged resources that you can use for your church’s social media. Need Instagram graphics? Check our It’s just one of the many tools out there designed to help make your job a little bit easier.

Of course, while these tools are great at decreasing your workload, they do come with a price. While your audience will love the graphics, there’s a point where your social media can look like everyone else’s. So how do you stand out in a sea of internet memes and inspirational quotes? Personalization.

Personalization is the key to make your audience feel like they have a part of your social media. When they share a post with their friends, they’re saying “This is my church and you should check this out.” It makes them feel a part of something larger than themselves. People want to feel like they are a part of a tribe. (more…)

5 Traits of a Successful Communications Minister

Growing up in a church, I never heard of a “communications minister”. In fact, it wasn’t until I started working with churches that I started to grasp the vastness and difficulties of the job. Depending on where you work, the communications minister can be a PR job, an audio/visual job, and even the person in charge of fixing the copier.

It’s a big job.

At the same time, there are some traits that are universal amongst successful communications ministers. These traits are something that take time to develop, and anyone can learn them with time and practice.

If you can master the traits below, you’ll not only find that your communications ministry will flourish, you’ll also have a better handle on the job itself—which, depending on where you work, can be a tricky thing.

Are you ready to learn what the five traits of a successful communications minister are? Okay, let’s dive in. (more…)


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