The 2015 Summer Reading List for Church Communications

It’s summertime and that means it’s time to get your summer reading list together. My goal this year is to finish 39 books by the end of the year and summer is the time of year where I can knock out a good portion of that goal.

The 2015 Summer Reading List for Church Communications

This year on my list I have books about design, productivity and technology. Each book is picked to help grow and enhance my personal development. However, as I went through my list I found seven books that I think every church communications leader should read this summer.

6 Lessons We Learned from Our Church Website Redesign

When we set out to redesign our church’s website last year, we knew the task wasn’t going to be easy. We had a long list of features that we wanted and a desire to give our visitors a faster website with a better mobile experience.

6 Lessons We Learned from Our Church Website Redesign

Now, this isn’t to say our previous website was horrible, but we had three issues that needed to be resolved: (more…)

3 Tools Our Communications Team Can’t Live Without

We all know that our work is more than just the tools we use.  However, the right tools can make all the difference. The question is, how do you find the right tools?  For myself, I’m constantly on the lookout for any tool that will improve not only my work, but team’s as well.

Three Tools That I Can't Live Without

Below are three tools that our communications team can’t live without.  One of them is custom (but you can replicate it), another is our email killer and finally our tool for creating all of our communication pieces.  I’ve also included three tools that I use everyday to get work done. (more…)

How One Church Has Mastered the Art of Telling Stories Online

Everyone loves a good story. Sometimes, we even love the anticipation of waiting for a good story (I’m looking in your direction Star Wars trailer). We’re a society that thrives on storytelling. It’s also an essential part of being a good a church communicator. However, telling a story online? Well that’s not always easy.

How One Church Has Mastered the Art of Storytelling Online

For a lot people in church communication, storytelling has taken a backseat to “promotion marketing”. By “promotion marketing”, I’m referring to marketing that is solely based around promoting events or programs. You usually see this on social media when a church’s Twitter feed is mostly filled with “Come join us for (fill in event) here…”.

So how do you move beyond “promotion marketing” to telling stories online? How do you tell stories online? Well, today we’re going to look at example of how to do just that.  (more…)

Why I Love Presidential Elections and You Should Too

I’ve got a secret. I love election season. I know for most people, it’s a time of the year that they dread, but for me, it’s like Christmas. The part I love though, is not the politics.

Why I love presidential elections

Now I don’t blog about politics. It cuts too close to home for too many people, and there are lot people out there with very definitive points of view who are than glad to share those points of view with on Twitter. I’m not one of them.

So why do I love the election season? Well, in the next 18 months we’re about to see millions of dollars poured into marketing for each candidate. Hours of research will be done to determine how a TV ad should look or what an email subject line should say. The best part is that we get to sit back and watch to see how all these marketing efforts perform. (more…)

3 Practical Lessons We Learned from Easter

Easter is like the Super Bowl of Sundays for churches. Weeks of planning and dreaming go into this Easter Sunday. Why? Well, for most churches it’s where they see their largest turnout and an opportunity to introduce the church to new visitors.

3 Practical Lessons from Easter

However majority of this energy is usually poured into church signage, the worship service and making sure the parking is easy to get in and out of. For the most part, this makes sense. These are things that leave the an immediate impression on your visitors and probably weighs heavily on whether or not they’ll come back.

Of course in recent years we’ve seen a shift to where most churches are starting to take their online presence seriously and while this is welcomed transition, the online presence for Easter for most churches hasn’t changed that much. (more…)

What We Learned from Our April Fools’ Joke

April’s Fools’ Day is not my favorite day. This is especially true when a good portion of my work is done online and I rely on the internet for a lot of my information. So you can see how a day full of jokes and misinformation in my Twitter feed can get things off track. However, this year Katie Allred and I decided to have a little fun.


Now when I say that April Fools’ Day isn’t my favorite day, it’s not that I don’t like to have fun. It’s just that April Fools’ Day can go wrong real quick. Jokes aren’t funny, feelings can get hurt.  So the key to making this day work is to have fun in such a way that everyone involved will get a kick out of the joke. (more…)


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