How Simple Evergreen Content Can Actually Help Your Church

If you’re creating a lot of content for your church, you know how much work it takes to produce that content. You also probably know that a good portion of that content is disposable. It’s used for a small amount of time and then quickly thrown away. However, there’s a better way to use your time.


Yes, there are times when you have to create graphics, articles and videos for sermon series or seasonal events (Christmas, Easter, etc…). However, that content usually becomes dated very quickly. So one way to balance that out is by creating what we call evergreen content. (more…)

Join Me at the Simply Communicate Conference

Conferences and I have a love-hate relationship. I love meeting new people, exchanging ideas and dreaming with the people I travel with. At the same time, I’m not big fan of crowded airports, conference center food or being away from my family. But, more conferences today are moving online and I love it. Why? It means I still get to learn and dream without all the travel.


Today, I want to talk to you about a conference that fits this bill. The Simply Communicate conference is an online marketing and communications conference helping churches engage and reach more people with better communications. Why would I recommend this conference? Well, I’m speaking so it’s going to be good (just kidding, please note the sarcasm). No really, the speaker’s list is loaded with communicators who I know can help your church and the content will be great.   Interested?  Here’s what you need to know… (more…)

How to Market Your Church’s Content

[guestpost]Note from Darrel: This article is a guest post by Daniel Stephens. Daniel and I connected over email and I’ll soon be writing a post for his site as well. Daniel is a counselor, husband, father and a gifted writer. While we have two very different writing styles, I know you’ll enjoy this post on content marketing and how it can work for your church.[/guestpost]

In a business context, I describe the Marketing facet of Content Marketing as a combination of two disciplines and two audiences. The two disciplines are education and journalism, and the two audiences are consumers and professionals. Those two pairs combine for four basic functions: Consumer Education, Consumer Journalism, Professional Education, and Trade Journalism. That might sound overwhelming, but you will rarely be doing all four functions at once.

Reasons Churches Need Content Marketing, The weekly sermon recording is due the same type of stewardship as the weekly offering, @DanielTStephens

The Content facet of Content Marketing is acknowledging two realities: content (text, audio, visual, print, or digital) is created as a natural result of the four functions above, and repetition with variety is the mother of learning. After acknowledging those two realities, the fifth function is content repurposing and repackaging. You have content assets, now the goal is to deliver them in as many different formats as possible, and distribute them through as many different channels as possible. (more…)

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How to Keep Your Church’s Best Content From Getting Lost

Have you ever had some great content of which you were really proud? Have you ever done everything you could to promote content only to have it fall flat with your audience? Did you send the content out into the community only to hear the sound of crickets?

How to Keep Your Church’s Best Content From Getting Lost
Nothing is more frustrating to me than releasing great content only to have it get very little attention. When this does happen, I start to question my strategy, my content, and even if I actually hit my target audience. All of these are valid things to question, but they don’t solve my issue.

5 Tips to Build a Church Website You’ve Always Wanted

For the last nine months my focus has been on one major project: rebuilding our church website. It wasn’t an easy task, because technically we weren’t rebuilding just one website, we were building five campus websites and each campus was slightly different.

5 Tips to Build a Church Website You've Always Wanted
Not only did we have to build five websites, we had move our church website off of a propriety content system which meant moving each piece of content by hand. We also had to overhaul our menu structure and design a mobile experience as well.

7 Ways to Improve Your Church’s Twitter Profile Right Now

If you care a lot about your church’s digital presence, you’ve probably spent a lot of time working on your website’s homepage. You’ve thought through the menu, the main images and the how your logo is displayed. You know that your website is the first thing that most of your visitors will see (yes, even before they see your building).

7 Ways Improve Churchs Twitter Profile Right Now
Your Twitter profile shouldn’t be treated any differently. Your Twitter profile is a great way to display your branding and provide additional call to actions for your visitors. Sadly, a lot churches neglect their Twitter profile and never take the time to give it the proper attention it deserves. What a lot of churches don’t realize is that just like their website’s homepage, the Twitter profile page is extension of their digital brand.


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