31 Sites to Find Free Stock Photos for Your Church

Finding great photos for your church’s site is not an easy task. This is especially true if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a typical stock photography site like iStockphoto. However, there are some really good options out there that are free. I took the time and compiled a list below of 31 free photography sites for you to use. Feel free to peruse the list below and get what you need. Also don’t forget to give credit to the photographer and obey any copyright restrictions.

12 Resources to Break the Creative Funk

Are you in a creative funk? Do you have a case of the Wednesday blahs? Here’s a quick list of twelve sites that I use to motivate and inspire me when I’m working.

Creative Mornings – This is a series of talks from creative professionals from around the world. Check out the talks from Seth Godin, they’re my personal favorite. (Warning some of these contain some language.)

Chase Jarvis Live – Professional photographer Chase Jarvis hosts conversations with creative professionals in his studio in front of a live audience. If you’re looking for a swift kick to get motivated this will do the trick. (Warning some of these contain some language.)

The Great Discontent – This site features some great interviews with creative professionals about their work and how they began. Also, I love the website design.

Two Minutes with TGD – This is an off-shoot of The Great Discontent featuring two minute interviews with some today’s top creative professionals. (Warning some of these contain some language.)

99U – This is my favorite website for learning about productivity. They also host the 99U conference which also a great resource for inspiration. Check out their videos here.

Fast Co.Create – I’ve always had a subscription to Fast Company magazine and if you’re looking for a site with creative marketing ideas, this is a good start.

Vimeo Kinetic Typography Channel – Selecting typography for the web can be difficult. Delivering great typography on video is evern more difficult. Here you’ll find some of the best typography videos curated for you.

Typekit Blog – Typekit is known as one of the main ways to get great looking typography on your website. They also host a great blog showing off different websites and their use of typography.

Dribbble – Dribbble is a site that let’s designers post a small portion of what they’re working on. You can find some the best emerging talent here. I’ve used it to find freelancers as well.

Behance – Behance is the online portfolio plafform from Adobe. It allows you to browse portfolios from all different types of creative professionals. Note, it’s also a great place to find freelancers.

Brand New – I love to study different brands and how they take shape. Brand New is great blog featuring logos before and after their redesign.

For Print Only – As much as love web design, print design is still a beautiful thing. If you ‘re looking great examples of print design, For Print Only is a place to start.


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