Free Social Media Volunteer Guidelines Template

If you’re the only person who handles social media for your church, then you know how important it is to find volunteers.  But, what guidelines or direction do you give volunteers?  How do make sure they understand the vision and mission of social media for your church?  More importantly, how do you make sure they don’t put your church at risk?

Free Social Media Volunteer Guidelines Template

I’ve asked all those questions and the solution I found was social media volunteer guidelines.  These guidelines needed to be easy to understand and follow.  If you’re needing some social media guidelines for your church, I have a free tool for you.  For readers of this blog, I’ve created a “Social Media Volunteer Guidelines Template” that you can use for your church. You can download this template and edit it however you like to fit your church’s needs. Sign up below to get your free copy.


33 More Sites to Find Free Stock Photos for Your Church

If you’re like me, you love free stuff. This is especially true when you’re dealing with your church budget and your creative needs. One area in which you can save some money is stock photos.

33 More Sites to Find Free Stock Photos

Previously, I took the time and compiled a list of 31 free photography sites for you to use and it a got a great response. So I thought I would follow up with 33 more places to find free stock photos for your church. Just like before, feel free to peruse the list below and get what you need. Also, remember to give credit to the photographer and obey any copyright restrictions. (more…)


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