Free Social Media Content Calendar Template

A social media content calendar is the bedrock of a social media campaign. Without it, you can find yourself looking for social media content at the last minute and producing something that’s less than worthy of your audience.


For our social media team, we have a monthly content meeting where we plan out our social media, web articles and any additional content needed for our communication channels.  When the meeting goes well, it’s one of the most valuable times that we have as a team.  Some of our best creative ideas have come from these meetings.

Of course, we need a place to park these ideas and that’s where the social media content calendar comes in.  The social media content calendar helps us identify our gaps in content and makes sure that we stay on topic.  Without the social media content calendar, we would be flying blind each week. (If you’re looking for reasons why you need a social media content calendar, click here to read why.)

So what does a social media content calendar look like?  Well, I decided to create a free template for you to use. That’s right, here’s a free template for you to use free of charge.  Just click the link below and get your free template. (Here’s a screenshot of what you’re downloading.)


Free Social Media Director Job Description Template

Recently, I wrote about five traits you should look for in a social media director. However, traits are one thing, but what does a social media director actually do? Well, today I’m going to give you a free tool that will help you define that job.

Social Media Director Job Description Template

For readers of this blog, I’ve created a “Social Media Director Job Description” that you can use for your church. You can download this job description and edit it however you like to fit your church’s needs.

My hope is that this “Social Media Director Job Description” will help you have better understanding of what a social media director can do for you and your church. Click the link below to get your free copy.



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