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5 Secrets to Unleashing The Power of Your Congregation

I’ve heard writers say that that most difficult thing they deal with is a blank page. A page waiting for it to be filled with words that will tell stories and engage minds. The blank page can be intimidating, begging you to write, putting the pressure you to come up with an idea.

5 Secrets to Unleashing The Power of Your Congregation

Sometimes, I look at social media the same way. I see a blank status update window from Twitter asking me “What’s happening?”. I know that I’m not going to write something on the level of Tolstoy but I’m also not going to update you on the awesome ham sandwich that I just ate.

You’re church’s social media is not that different either. A lot of the times you feel the pressure to create a whole social media campaign all by yourself. This can include the graphics, the wording, the scheduling, tracking of metrics and engagement. It can be exhausting. (more…)

3 Secrets of Facebook Pages That Everyone Misses

I’ve have an interesting history with Facebook. I’m not a fan of it’s layout or its security features. However, my congregation loves it so I need make sure that I’m on top of the latest trends and features.

3 Secrets of Facebook Pages That Everyone Misses

While Facebook can be overwhelming with features and settings, I’ve learned that there are some things that you can do with your Facebook pages most pages haven’t done.

Today we’re going to walk through three things you can do with your Facebook to make your content stand out, help your page stay on brand and block inappropriate content. (more…)

Four Myths About Megachurches and Social Media

David versus Goliath. The story of the little guy versus a behemoth. It’s a storyline that we all love. It’s a theme that pops up throughout culture and in our everyday language. We relish the thought of watching the little guy overcome the odds to achieve the impossible. Sadly, that’s the way some of us see some of the churches in our own city. We all know of a church near us that seems like a Goliath, so big that it seems like they’re best at whatever they do.

Four Myths About Megachurches and Social Media

There’s a myth in our church culture when it comes to the whole “bigger is better” thing. We see these “megachurches” with large parking lots, significant attendance, higher donations, and etc. So because of their size, we believe that these churches are doing it “better”. (more…)

15 Things That Millennials Need to Know About Social Media

It’s hard to realize, but most millennials probably can’t remember a world without social media. In just a short time, social media has become one of the most popular means of connecting today, if not the main way of connecting. There are however, a few things millennials should consider they press send on their latest social media update.

15 Things Millennials Need-to Know about Social Media

I don’t mean to pick on millennials, but I work with some of the brightest young adults that I’ve ever met and I want help them succeed. My fear for them is by growing up with social media, they often don’t see the effects of their actions on social media.

In order to help these young adults out, I’ve compiled a list of fifteen things that millennials need to know about social media. Again, my intent is not to point fingers, but rather help them understand what effect social media can really have on their lives. (Authors note: this post was inspired by 20 Things Every Christian in Their Twenties Should Know by David Qaoud.) (more…)

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Church

I think we can agree that social media has helped a lot of churches when it comes to growing their online presence. Even in the secular market, social media platforms have helped startup companies go from very small to very big, all in a matter of seconds. For the most part, this is a good thing; however, there is a downside to all of this.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Church

Social media could actually be hurting your church, and you might not know it.

Let’s take a closer look.

7 Days to a Better Social Media Presence

I like taking on challenges. I’m sometimes a little too ambitious and find myself in a bit of pinch every once in a while. However, challenges also keep me sharp and force me to stretch myself and those around me.

7 Days to Better a Social Media Presence

This week I want to challenge you for the next seven days to try the following schedule below for your church’s social media. The goal is of these next seven days is to help you clean up your social media presence, stretch your thinking and build your skill set.

Now you don’t have to follow this seven day schedule in the exact order listed, but I suggest you do. I also suggest that you keep a journal or a note in Evernote to catalog your thoughts as go through the following schedule. (more…)

7 Essential Steps for Creating a Social Media Campaign

If you have ever sat in planning meeting for an event, you’ve probably heard someone say “We need to promote this on social media”. This usually means that you’re expected to craft a few tweets or Facebook posts, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Then the event happens, your social media had little effect and you begin to doubt the power of social media.

7 Essential Steps for Creating a Social Media Campaign

The problem of course wasn’t your event or even your social media content. The problem was you didn’t think through an actual social media campaign that would have helped you create goals, get to know your audience and create realistic measurements.

In this post, I’ll walk you through seven essential steps to creating a social media campaign. You obviously will want to tweak them to meet your situation, but these steps should help you create an effective social media campaign. (more…)


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