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How to Schedule Instagram Posts with Hootsuite

I’m not a huge fan of scheduling social media content. However, I think for any organization to function at high level, there has to be some scheduling of content so you can focus on other tasks. So it’s easy to see why tools like Hootsuite and Buffer have exploded in popularity.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts with Hootsuite

Of course, the main attraction of these tools is that you can schedule and manage your Twitter and Facebook content from one easy to use dashboard. But what about Instagram? Well until now, Instagram users have been left out out in the cold.

Part of the reason for this is Instagram’s insistence on only being able to post from inside the app on either your phone or tablet. I’m not sure why they have this limitation, but I do know that it has caused a headache for those of us who have manage multiple accounts and need to schedule content.

Now there are few tools out there that do allow scheduling, however I’m ready to fork out more cash for another produce when I’m already invested in apps like Hootsuite and CoSchedule. So when Hootsuite announced you can now schedule Instagram from your Hootsuite dashboard, I got real excited. (more…)

Help! I’m Running My Church’s Social Media All by Myself

I love being on teams filled with talented people. There’s a rush from sitting in a room full of people who have crazy ideas and the ability to execute them. In fact, if I’m not careful I could spend all day dreaming about what could be versus executing what needs to happen.

Help! I'm Running My Church's Social Media All by Myself

At the same time, I know that being on team is not always the norm. Sometimes, you are required to a job all by yourself, with little to no help. Yep, you’re on an island.

I think this is true for a lot of people running social media for their church. Somehow, they were designated as the “tech person” in their church and they were handed the Twitter password and told to “get the church on social media”. You might just fit this bill. (more…)

How Important is the Gospel to Your Social Media?

One of the best parts of my job is working with my pastor. I’m not saying that because he’s my boss, I’m saying that because he’s constantly pushing me and everyone around him to think eternally and what kind of impact our church is having on our community.

How Important is the Gospel to Your Social Media

He’s also very clear to us that nothing should stand in the way of the gospel. If something is impeding someone from coming to know Christ, then we better figure out way get rid of it. So of course for me, I look at social media through this lens.

When I look across the social media landscape, I see a lot pastors who are getting caught up in conversations, debates and issues that I believe are not driving people to the gospel. Now, I don’t think anyone intends to do this, but the nature of social media is one that allows you to easily get distracted from your true purpose. (more…)

25 Quick Ideas for Your Church’s Social Media

Have you ever heard of swipe file? It’s a place where you keep ideas that you love that other people have pulled off. The concept being at some point when you need an idea, you go to your “swipe file” and see if there’s an idea that you can replicate.

25 Quick Ideas for Your Church's Social Media

I’ve got a swipe file in Evernote. Every time I see an idea love, I clip that idea to Evernote and tag it. Then when I need to come with an idea to promote something on social media, or create new content for the church or myself, I search my swipe file.

If you don’t a swipe file, then you need to start one today.

4 Ways to Make Your Church Facebook Page More Successful

I have love and hate relationship with Facebook. I think it’s interface is poorly design and I don’t like how it handles my privacy. But here’s the truth, majority of people who are on social media use Facebook. In fact, if you’re like most churches in America, your primary social media channel is Facebook. So if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to get serious about your church’s Facebook page.

4 Ways to Make Your Church Facebook Page More Successful

For most churches, there are two goals with Facebook. The first is to increase the number of people who like your page. The theory has always been, the more people who like your page, then the more people will see your content. The second is obviously increasing your reach (more people seeing your content). This usually dependent either getting more likes or paying to boost your post. Of course there’s a catch…. (more…)

3 Things Really Great Churches Do on Social Media

Apple is good a lot of things. I personally think they make the best phones and computers. However, I don’t think they got to a place of dominance by saying yes to every feature or idea that came across their path. Instead, as Steve Jobs said “Innovation is saying no to a thousand things..”.

3 Things Really Great Churches Do on Social Media

Too many churches fall into the trap of saying yes to a lot of things. They say yes to new social media networks, adding more copy to their website and promoting everything they can at once.

Great churches don’t fall into this trap. Great churches understand what’s important and what deserves a yes. So what do great churches say yes to? (more…)

How to Stay Sane While Managing Your Church’s Social Media

Anyone who says running social media church is easy obviously hasn’t done it before. You’re dealing with various ministries, staff and volunteers, who all have their own demands.  Plus, you’re trying to get people to like, retweet and share your content that you’ve created.  Some days it seems like a never-ending cycle.

How to Stay Sane While Managing Your Church’s Social Media

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.  You don’t have to let the daily grind of social media take away the joy of what God has called you to. There are things that you can do to make sure you keep the right perspective, avoid burnout and create the space you need. (more…)


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