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How to Get Your Pastor’s Buy-In on Social Media

“Do I have to do this?” That is the question that I get from a lot of pastors when it comes to social media. It’s not that they want to get out of doing work or that they’re anti-social, it’s just that social media seems like one more thing on their to-do list with little to no return on their investment.

How to Get Your Pastor's Buy-In on Social Media

I think my pastor probably felt the same way at some point. Back in 2008, I reserved the his Twitter username (@mikeglenn) on a hunch that he might need it some point. At first, I don’t think he understood the importance of Twitter, however after a little coaxing, he really took off. (more…)

6 Free Resources to Improve Your Social Media Skills

Every year I want to take a quantum leap in my career skills.  One of those skills is social media. To improve these skills, I originally thought I had to sign up for expensive conferences or seminars. However, I’m learning that majority of what I need to know to improve my social media skills can be found on the internet for free.

6 Free Resources to Improve Your Social Media Skills

Free.  It’s the word that everyone on a church budget loves to hear. Whether your at a large or small church, you’re always trying to find ways to save some money.  But you also want to learn and grow as well, and sometimes that takes money.

However, I think there are plenty of free resources out there that can dramatically help you improve your social media skills without you spending a dime.  These resources come in the form of podcasts and blogs, and there are lots to choose from.  So in order to help you wade through all the resources out there, I curated the list down to six free resources that I know well help you improve your social media skills. (more…)

Why You Can’t Do Social Media Alone

I’m an introvert. Despite the fact that I love social media and being connected to others, I prefer working alone. However, I’ve learned that this can make creating and maintaining social media pretty difficult.

Why You Can't Do Social Media Alone

When I first came on staff at Brentwood Baptist, I tried to do all the social media by myself. I wrote all the tweets, Facebook updates and created the Instagram posts. At first it seemed to work just fine. However, I ran into three problems. (more…)

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Image with Canva

Social media images can be a pain. Dimensions change. You’re not sure if the photo you’re using is copyrighted. Or even worse, you used Comic Sans on your image.  Creating social media images can be a frustrating process.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Image with Canva

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a very simple tool that will ensure that you create the perfect images for your social media. That tool is Canva. Canva is web-based tool that lets you create images in your web browser with a variety of free images and fonts. It also has all the correct dimensions for social media channels as well (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). It’s how I create most the images on this blog. (more…)

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Us for Better and Worse

I like science fiction movies. From Star Trek to Minority Report, science fiction movies are a fun way to look into the future and see what might be.  However, after reading an astute observation on Twitter, I think there’s a flaw in science fiction movies that affects the way we see ourselves and technology.

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Us for Better and Worse

The tweet I’m referring to is from Professor Noah Smith:

That’s the issue technology and more importantly social media, isn’t it? We’re given the promise of more efficiency, better connectedness, or sometimes greater success. However, if we looked across our pews, I think we could agree that while some of these promises have come true, we’ve acquired a new set of issues. (more…)

How to Actually Find Your Voice on Twitter

I remember my first week using Twitter.  At first I loved the service, then the newness wore off and began to wonder what I was going to tweet about. I mean, does anybody care what’s going on in my life? Do have anything to add to the conversation?

How to Actually Find Your Voice on Twitter

Finding your voice on Twitter can be a little tricky at first. It can be hard to figure out what to say, what to share and who might be interested in your content. When someone is trying to find their voice on Twitter I tell them that there are three major types of Twitter users and if you can figure out which one you are (or some mixture of the types) you’ll find your voice before you know it. (more…)

4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Social Media Director

Every January, I usually set up a series of goals to start off the year.  These goals usually have one thing in common and that’s helping me grow my social media skill set.

Four Simple Ways to Grow as a Social Media Director

If you’re wanting to grow your social media skill set or help your church become a better in the digital space, there are a lot of tools and resources out there for you. However, sometimes you don’t have the budget to spend on conferences or online learning. So if you’re on a budget or if you’re looking for some simple ways to grow as a social media director, here are four things you can try. (more…)


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