I have made it known of my affinity for Alfred for OS X. Not only is it a great application launcher, but it also has the ability to send text to various applications such as Omnifocus and Evernote.

When it comes to the iPhone I want the same ability and Drafts for the iPhone does that. Simply launch the application and you are greeted with a blank screen and a keyboard. At first, you might assume you are working with a simple text editor and nothing more. However, when you tap the arrow on the lower right you are greeted with multiple actions to manipulate the text. Here is a quick list of what you can do with your text:

  • Send to Twitter
  • Send to Facebook
  • Add in Omnifocus
  • Save to Evernote
  • Save to Dropbox
  • Email
  • Message
  • Copy to Clipboard

Drafts also supports Textexpander and custom URL schemes (more on this later). Grab Drafts and thank me later.