About a year ago I had the privilege of becoming a dad for the first time. With that privilege has come a lot changes, one of which was an adjustment in how I get things done. Here are a few things that I have learned:

Time Constraints Are Your Best Friend

Now that my son is mobile I am finding that my free time has become more limited. So when my son finally lays down, the race is on to get things done while he’s asleep. This limited time has forced me to become smarter with what moments I have to myself.

Sunday Evenings are Sacred

My nights during the week have become shorter due to all the additional work that comes with my son, so any preplanning I can do on Sunday night has become sacred territory for me. On Sunday I prep my task list and review my agenda for the week. This is the time in which I capture all the commitments that may have fallen through the cracks. If my Sunday night goes well, then the rest of the week should also go well.

Ten Minutes of Prep is Vital to Avoiding Chaos

Before leaving anywhere with my son, my wife and I do a quick ten minute check of everything baby related that we need with us in case my son has meltdown in the aisle of the grocery store. For me, the ten minute prep is now something I try to do before each meeting that I have at the office. I ask myself questions to make sure that I have clarified agendas, expectations and what the desired outcomes should be.

The first year with my son has been a blast. I can’t wait to see what is around the corner.