Evan Spiegel isn’t building the next Facebook or Twitter. To some that may be obvious, but it’s important to understand. That’s because Spiegel is driven by the idea that people are looking for alternatives to their curated Facebook and Instagram personas. It’s not a social site, it’s a communication app with a large dose of entertainment on the side.

“We no longer have to capture the ‘real world’ and recreate it online,” Spiegel explained during a speech he gave at a conference in early 2014. “We simply live and communicate at the same time.”

First Twitter decides it wants to be considered a news app, and now I think people are realizing Snapchat is a communications app. I think this is reinforced by lack of content discovery, content archiving and displaying pre-produced content (unless you’re a major brand).

The question for churches is, are they approaching Snapchat a social network or a communications tool?

via Inside Evan Spiegel’s very private Snapchat Story – Recode