Online Resources for Churches
Church Recommendations Matter
Yes, online recommendations do matter when it comes to people searching for your church online. It’s an area of of weakness for our church and one that we’ll need to focus on in 2015.

7 Useful Tips That Will Ensure Your Emails Get Opened
Email is still a highly effective way to communicate with your church. Check out these seven tips to make sure your emails get opened.

Why Your Church Needs A Native App
This week I wrote a post about why our church was canceling our mobile app. Chuck Scoggins wrote a great counterpoint post that you should read.

The Best Free Tools to Create Visual Content
You can’t beat free. Check out these great free tools to create content for your church.

Do Saturday Emails Increase Church Attendance? [Infographic]
Interesting research on church emails. Do you email your members on Saturday? According to this research it’s worth a try.