Online Resources for Churches

REPORT: More Advertisers Will Run Video Campaigns on Facebook than YouTube in 2015
I’m not surprised. Facebook video has been a huge hit for us. I think it will only grow in 2015.

5 Things We Learned From Our CEO’s AMA on Periscope
I’m stealing this idea for our pastor. I love Periscope and all of the possibilities it brings.

10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach
We’ve tried some of these tips and they’ve increased our reach. Especially any tip involving posting your content directly to Facebook verses a third-party application like Buffer.

Twitter officially lets you retweet with comments now
Not a big fan of this new feature. Something about it seems clunky to me, I think they need to work on the user interface some more.

INFOGRAPHIC: 12 Ways to Avoid Being a Loser (of Followers)
Solid advice on using Twitter. This is a great infographic to give to first-time users.