Online Resources for Churches

How to Use Analytics to Show Social ROI for C-Level Execs
Change the words “C-Level Execs” for “Senior Pastor” and you have some good advice for how to talk about social media to your church leadership.

Introducing Post Notifications: Get notified when your favorite accounts post a photo or video.
Instagram is slowly rolling out features that I think will start to benefit churches in the long run. This is one of them.

The Most Creative Hashtag Campaigns of 2015 (so Far)
Here are some fun ideas using hashtags. My favorite is the one from Nest.

4 Instagram Management Tools to Streamline Your Workflow
Check out Picdeck, which seems to function like Tweetdeck.

Yahoo Changes Could Mean Less Independence for Tumblr
If your church as invested in using Tumblr as a platform, you may be seeing some changes down the road. This might be a time to revaluate using the platform.