Nine Ways Your Church Can Beat a Content Drought

If you have been creating content for a while you know how easy it is have a content drought. Your social media is humming right along and then one day you ask yourself, “What’s next?” and you are realize you don’t have an answer.

A content drought can hit you at any moment. It can cause your church’s social media to stray off  message, lose  voice, or mindshare with your audience. How do you avoid a content drought? Well, here are eight ways that I know will help you beat a content drought:

Crowdsource from Your Church Members

You church members can be the best source for social media content. Have some fun with your church members and let them take over some social media channels. For example, what if you let one of your students run your Twitter account? I know that sounds dangerous, but with some precautions put in place you might be surprised.

Do a Recap of the Year So Far

Were there some big moments in your church in the last few months? It might be time to give your church members a reminder of how God has moved through your church in the last year. Take some time to capture testimonies, quotes, and collect photos to celebrate where God has taken your church.

Give a History Lesson

Do your church members know how your church got started? I bet if you took a poll, a lot of your members couldn’t tell you (unless you are at a new church plant). Take some time to share a little bit of your church history with your members.

Share What We Believe

It’s never too late to circle back and reintroduce your church members to your church’s Articles of Faith. Are there some theological areas that members don’t understand that you can help unpack?

Give a Look at the Year Ahead

Is it time to get people excited about how God is going to move in your church? Take some time to highlight big events or traditions coming up this year for your church. Explain why your church is doing these events and how you hope that God moves through them.

Transcribe Your Pastor’s Sermons

Your pastor’s sermons can be a wealth of content for social media. You can pull quotes for Twitter or Instagram (here are a few examples) and transcribe the sermons to blog posts with new insights from your pastor.

Run a Hashtag Campaign

One way to get content from your church members is creating a #hashtag campaign for your sermon series. For example, this month our church is doing series entitled “JourneyOn at Home” to launch our family ministry, so we are appending all of our social media conversations with the hashtag “#athome”.

Host a Social Media Tutorial for Your Church

If you are trying to get social media content from your church members, you might want to consider hosting a tutorial at your church to help your members join the social media conversation.

Create a Social Media Content Calendar

I have written before about the importance of calendaring out your social media. When you do this simple task, you are able to see when a content drought might strike and you can prepare in advance.
Next time you hit a content drought try one of the suggestions above and see if it helps you get back on track.

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Three Great Examples of Churches on Instagram

Previously, I wrote about four ways that your church could use Instagram.   On Twitter, DJ Chuang asked for some specific examples of churches who are  doing it well, so I thought I would show you some examples.

Churches on Instagram  
Here is list of three churches that I think are doing a great job of using Instagram and some of examples of how they do it.

Three Great Examples of Churches on Instagram

Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill uses their Instagram account to visualize Mark Driscoll’s sermon points.  As I have written before this is a great way to re-emphasize and expand what happens on Sunday morning.


Why Your Church Should Use a Social Media Content Calendar

Planning and social media don’t always seem to go together. Since social media is seen an in the moment activity, planning can often be see as a hinderance to social media’s spontaneity. However, without planning your social media can lose it’s voice and momentum. How can planning help prevent this from happening?

One planning tool that can help is a social media content calendar. Essentially, this is an excel grid where you map out all of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest posts. This may seem time consuming, however the time you spend it on it will be well worth it. I can say that it has helped me in my role as a Social Media Director. Here’s a few reasons why:

It Keeps Social Media Going

A social media content calendar can help prevent our staff from forgetting Social Media. I know that may sound silly, however there have been times when we are in a meeting or worship service and realize, “Oh, we really should have put that out on Twitter”. The social media content calendar allows us to take a look at the week ahead and strategically think through what goes out from our social media channels. We then can plan for those events and what key social media moments might happen.

It Keeps Your Church on Message

If your church focuses on a few key themes every month, then you want your social media channels to reflect those themes. By planning ahead with a social media content calendar, you ensure that will happen. A calendar helps you look at the landscape and see what messaging is coming out of your social media channels and if it aligns with your overall strategy and themes.

It Keeps Your Media Team on the Same Page

You might have multiple people running your social media accounts. If so, you know it can be sometimes difficult to make sure that content is timely and on message. A social media content calendar ensures that every one knows what is flowing out of your social media channels and when it is coming. This is also helps if you have built a volunteer social media team who cannot meet regularly.

Prevents a “Slow News Day”

There are moments in church life where you might think there isn’t anything social media worthy going on at church. With a social media content calendar you make sure that something is always constantly flowing from your social media accounts. (Note: In this situation, a social media content calendar along with a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer is an very effective.)

So do you think you are ready to use a social media content calendar? If want to give it a try, jump over the resources section and look at some of free templates that I have found online for you to use.

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Does SEO Matter for Your Church?

Recently at our church, we began the discussions about retooling our website.   One of the issues I am thinking through is whether or not SEO really matters for our us.  Is SEO that important, or are there better ways for us to spend our time?
Medium 3389581452

For those of you who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it’s how well your church webste is optimized for search engines to find you. If you want to be at the top of Google’s rankings, you need to have good SEO. If you have good SEO then Google will take care of the rest and people will find you. However, I am not sure if that is the case any more.


Three Books Your Church Staff Should Read About Social Media

So your church staff has decided to dive into social media. Congratulations. So how do help them get started? There are lots of tutorials out there to help with the “how” of social media (if you would like a list just go here), but how do you help your staff understand the “why” of social media?
Medium 5666070435

Here are three books from authors that I have found to be informative as I have developed social media strategies.  These are not “how to” books, instead these are books that will help your staff begin to understand the “why” of social media and how it can help further your church’s mission.


How to Quickly Optimize Your Church Website

For most churches, their website is their most single important communication piece. However, without careful pruning and some research, it can quick become a maze for your visitors.
Medium 2217802600

So how do you optimize your site for visitors? How do you make sure the most important things are clicked on and viewed? How do you make sure you give people what they are looking for? For me, I found doing the following three things on a church website helps make sure we are accomplishing what we want the website to do: (more…)

Four Ways Your Church Could Use Instagram

Instagram, often thought to be a photo sharing site mainly geared towards students and young adults has quickly risen to become a staple in an a lot of organization’s social media strategy. So the question that churches are asking now is, “Is Instagram something we should use?”

Four Ways Your Church Could Use Instagram
I asked myself the same question when I came on staff at Brentwood Baptist. For me, I thought Instagram was a site where teens took pictures of themselves called “selfies” and artistic people posted heavily filtered photos of nature. However, when I started using it for our church, I found out I was wrong. Here are four ways I have found that we could use Instagram and you can to:



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