I often hear people say that running social media for a church or a brand is hard.  When I ask why they think it’s hard, I usually get the following answers:

“I don’t know what to post.”

“I can’t keep up with all the social media networks.”

“We can’t compete with the church down the street, there so much cooler than we are.”

“We just don’t have the resources or the time.”

I think there’s some legitimacy to these responses. But, here’s why social media is hard. 

You have to show up everyday. 

There’s nothing more difficult then showing up everyday to create create and share content. To be there to listen online, take feedback from people, and then turn around and give them what they want. Every single day.

Is it grueling? Yes, it is. But it’s what separates the good from the great. 

By showing up everyday you’re forcing yourself to dig deep and get beyond the superficial. Why? Because there’s only so many ways that you can create content like “10 Cats That Look Like Taylor Swift”. At some point, you have to show your true colors and that comes by showing up everyday. 

This is why I have such great appreciation for people like Seth Godin and John Saddington. These are two bloggers who show up everyday, regardless of what is going on in their lives. 

It’s also why I think that the path to creating durable social media that will last is not about creating catchy headlines or the latest Internet meme. It’s about showing people that you’ll be there every single day no matter what is going on in your world. 

So start today and show up. Get on your computer, tablet or phone, and be there. Listen, learn, and converse with those around you.

Every single day.