Interesting article from TechCrunch.

Many people think Snapchat is all about secrecy, but the real innovation of Snapchat’s ephemeral messages isn’t that they self-destruct. It’s that they force us to break the accumulation habit we brought over from desktop computing. The result is that the profile is no longer the center of the social universe. In the Experience Age you are not a profile. You are simply you.

This has been my thinking for a while. Once we move from Web 2.0, in which you actively contribute to the web, to Web 3.0, where the contribution is so seemless, your ability to create an online persona that’s different from your real life is going to become more difficult.

I don’t see this as a bad thing. Instead, I see it forcing high profile personalities and organizations to rethink they’re strategy. Yes, people will still need to plan in advance and think through the brand, but the idea that you can create one thing, yet do another thing, is coming to an end.

via The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age | TechCrunch