The Real Reason Twitter Is Failing To Grow

Fascinating read from Exponents:

And it is here, in satiating advertisers’ unending thirst for demonstrable returns, that Twitter would always be at a fundamental disadvantage to Facebook and Google.

Because even if Twitter managed to solve its user growth problems and find its way to a billion users, Facebook would still have a massive edge in targeting ads, because Facebook’s product is inherently more conducive to gathering the kind of data that makes precision ad targeting possible at scale.

And in online advertising, all the rest your base are belong to Google…because when it comes to reaching people who are ready to buy something right now, nothing beats search. And if you want to advertise to your desired audience nearly everywhere on the internet that isn’t Facebook, nothing beats Google’s Display Network.

I did a podcast last week with Tom Pounder about this very subject. In the long term, I hold very pessimistic view of Twitter’s future.

Trust me, I want Twitter to succeed. However, if the marketing dollars aren’t there and they make it difficult to build on top of their platform, then I just don’t see a way that they can succeed.

via The Pulse of The Planet, Flatlined: Why Twitter’s Is Failing to Grow