I hate writing tutorials. Why? Well, first I’m horrible at explaining how to do something on technical level. I always assume the reader has prior knowledge that they don’t have, and I figure that if people get lost, they’ll just google it.

Trust me, they don’t google it.

However, if you ask me to write about the future of the church and how technology plays into that, I’m all there.

In other words, I’m an abstract thinker. But, I know that doesn’t work for everyone.

Which is why I admire Katie Allred.

Katie is one of the best people I know at instructing others. She understands what reader needs to know, and what reader doesn’t realize they don’t know. (Plus, she’s a professor at the University of Florida.)

In other words, Katie is a concrete thinker.

Now, I don’t believe that one is superior to the other. But, I do believe that some of us don’t understand which one we are. It’s taken me over three years of writing blog posts to realize, what suits me best.

When you don’t know who you are, you try to mimic popular social media personalities and bloggers, and then you end up looking like a copy of an original.

Abstract or concrete, it really doesn’t matter. Just figure out which one you are and stick with it.