Three Great Examples of Churches on Instagram

Previously, I wrote about four ways that your church could use Instagram.   On Twitter, DJ Chuang asked for some specific examples of churches who are  doing it well, so I thought I would show you some examples.

Churches on Instagram  
Here is list of three churches that I think are doing a great job of using Instagram and some of examples of how they do it.

Three Great Examples of Churches on Instagram

Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill uses their Instagram account to visualize Mark Driscoll’s sermon points.  As I have written before this is a great way to re-emphasize and expand what happens on Sunday morning.


NewSpring Church

At NewSpring Church they are using Instagram to show to their members practical ways to memorize scripture.

New spring instagram 1New spring instagram 2

Austin Stone Worship

The Austin Stone Worship Instagram account gives you a backstage peek of the worship band for Austin Stone Community Church.


Comment below and share how you use Instagram for you church.

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  • Daniel Neves

    another great example is Hillsong NYC… they use Instagram to communicate their services schedule, and other events like connection groups, special events

    • Darrel Girardier

      Great example! Is there anything that Hillsong doesn’t do well? They’re really good.

      • Daniel Neves

        I ask myself the same question!

  • Frances Hooker

    I’m the Social Media coordinator for Crossroads Christian Church in California. We use Instagram as well to highlight ministries, share quotes from the sermons, and encourage people with scripture. You can see us @CrossroadsCA

    • Darrel Girardier

      That’s awesome. What’s been the reaction of your church?

      • Chandra

        I too am the Social Media Director for our church. At first, when I started a church Instagram people thought it was a joke. Now that we have had it for a few weeks they really like it! The youth gets involved with taking photos to tag and it’s great to link with our facebook page. We recently won an Instagram Photography contest which was pretty exciting. The #1 key has been consistency. I try to post 7-9 photos a week. @cornerstone_chruch_mi

        • Darrel Girardier

          Great! I find that by far our students are the most active on Twitter as well.

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