I want to take a second to brag on my pastor, Mike Glenn. He’s not only a great guy and a fair speaker (kidding, he’s actually quite good), he’s also very good at necessary social media skill.  Well, actually it’s three things that Mike does well on social media.

He’s clear, concise and compelling all in 140 characters.

Mike has joked that he think’s social media should be taught in seminary and I don’t think he’s that far off. You see, Mike’s realized that social media is only part of the conversation. He doesn’t try unpack an entire theological truth in 140 characters, instead Mike gives the audience enough for them to think about and then gives them a little more.  See what I mean below:

The other part of Twitter that Mike has mastered is owning a subject matter.  In Mike’s case, it’s marriage. Everyday Mike tweets #marriagetips.  Yes, some of them can be a bit hokey and little too southern for my tastes, but it’s what his audience wants (Twitter metrics have confirmed this).

Is my pastor perfect on Twitter? I’m afraid not. However, I’m proud that he’s willing to get out there and let God use his voice. I’ve said before that more pastor’s should get on social media and I still believe that. We have too good of story to tell to be holding it within our churches.