6 Tips for Introverts Who Hate Social Media

Introverts and social media are not exactly two things that you would expect to see together, would you? By nature, introverts and social media seem like complete opposites; I would know. Why? Well, because I’m an introvert.

6 Tips for Introverts Who Hate Social Media

When I say, “I’m an introvert,” I mean that I could go days without seeing anyone (except for my family) and, for the most part, be content. I have a close circle of friends and that’s the way I like it. So why would somebody like me, who’s an introvert, work in a job that requires me to be social? I mean, part of my job is to oversee the “social” media for our church. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?

Actually the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to realize that social media and introverts are a pretty good match. In fact, I think a lot introverts would love social media if they understood that they can play by their own rules and use social media to fit their personality, not the other way around.

5 Online Trends Your Church Can’t Afford to Ignore

The online world never stays the same. It’s a constantly evolving space that requires a continuous rethinking of priorities and strategies. What your church planned to do on the web three years ago probably won’t be relevant in today’s world.

5 Online Trends Your Church Can’t Afford to Ignore
I believe we’re on the cusp of some pretty big changes when it comes to churches and the online world. Some of these changes will be easy and readily accepted, whereas others will be painful and not accepted by everyone. However, I think there are five significant trends that will impact your church now and in the future. Some these trends you can see now, while others may take some time for you to see. Regardless, though, these changes are coming and you need to be ready.

The Definitive List of Church Social Media Policies

Social media policies aren’t exactly on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but your church needs one. You need a social media policy not only to protect your church, but also to protect your staff. Policies are neither fun nor exciting, but they’re a necessity for your church.

The Definitive List of Church Social Media Policies
Below you will find a list of social media policy generators, templates, and examples from various churches and associations. Some of these examples cover a wide range of topics and others cover just the basics. Hopefully, this list will give you a starting point to create your own social media policy for your church.

Online Resources for Churches: 12/12/14

Merry Christmas! I hope you and your church are having a great Christmas season. This week has been crazy for our web team as we begin to work on the next round of revisions on our church website.

I hope you and your church staff take some off this month to reflect the meaning for this season and spend some time with your family before the next year starts. I know that 2015 will be big year for us and hopefully for you as will. As you find time to relax this holiday, here are some links that I think you need to check out.

Online Resources for Churches
Instagram Surpasses Twitter, Now Has Over 300 Million Active Users
In case you were worried if this whole Instagram thing was going to work out, the verdict is in. Instagram is now bigger than Twitter.

How to Keep Your Church’s Best Content From Getting Lost

Have you ever had some great content of which you were really proud? Have you ever done everything you could to promote content only to have it fall flat with your audience? Did you send the content out into the community only to hear the sound of crickets?

How to Keep Your Church’s Best Content From Getting Lost
Nothing is more frustrating to me than releasing great content only to have it get very little attention. When this does happen, I start to question my strategy, my content, and even if I actually hit my target audience. All of these are valid things to question, but they don’t solve my issue.

What I’ve Learned about Social Media in 2014

This year is almost over! Can you believe it? I hope your year will end on high note. Like most of us, I’m reflecting on the craziness of this year, and I am getting ready for the exciting new year of 2015!

What I’ve Learned about Social Media in 2014
When I look back at 2014, I reflect on how I saw social media change and evolve. Yes, it’s true that some things didn’t change. Facebook is still king when it comes to the number of users. Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow at a rapid pace and Snapchat is still a dominant force amongst teens.

However, when I reflect further on 2014, I find that there were some key things that I learned about social media. Some of these lessons were painful, some were embarrassing, and others were encouraging. While my list of lessons below is by no means exhausting, my hope is that you may learn something as well!

What’s in My Church’s Social Media Toolbox

Strategy is great and the starting point for anyone using social media, but at some point you need to have the right social media tools to get the job done. Now, not any tool will do. You need to find the tools to get the job done without killing your budget or wasting your time.

What's in My Church's Social Media Toolbox
In last few years, I’ve used a lot of different tools. Some were decent; some were pretty creepy (Twitter autofollow tools, etc… ) and some were amazing. Of course you could google “social media tools”, but you can only imagine what results that will bring. So to help you avoid search overload, I want to introduce you to what’s in our toolbox that we use to keep our church’s social media flowing on a day to day basis.

5 Tips to Build a Church Website You’ve Always Wanted

For the last nine months my focus has been on one major project: rebuilding our church website. It wasn’t an easy task, because technically we weren’t rebuilding just one website, we were building five campus websites and each campus was slightly different.

5 Tips to Build a Church Website You've Always Wanted
Not only did we have to build five websites, we had move our church website off of a propriety content system which meant moving each piece of content by hand. We also had to overhaul our menu structure and design a mobile experience as well.